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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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a crofton man who police say was plotting to kill his cowork. coworkers. 24:35 i was shocked. i was really really shocked i said (gasps) oneil? no! 3 the reaction from neighbors who knew him. him. a billboard comparing the president to a mass murderr suspect.... how his actions are being compared to the colorado shooting. 3 "yea try to give us better service and stop raising the prices, this is killing us" us" and residents fuming over rate-hikes. what bge wants from you.....
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hello im jeff abell. and im karen parks. the lights are back on....but another storm is now developing over bge's request to raise its rates. janice park shows us what it could mean for your bill....and what it already means for one baltimore neighborhood. this northeast neighborhood near pittman place is known for getting things done. done.unless it's something out of their when the power goes off: "it sucks, it's hot no air inside outside, it's just hot"people living here say they were out of power for days...some even weeks during june's massive storm.then, again ust this power:
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power:"yea try to give us better service and stop raising the prices, this is killing us"what roberta bradley is refering bge's announcement, that the company plans on raising each residential electric bill by about 11 dollars each month: month:"and before bge raises the rate for people here on &ppittman place, and all other bge customers, it will first be revieweddby the public service commission, the state agency that regulates all utilities in maryland"bge says this is only the 2nd rate increase of its kind in the past 20 years.and says the money will go to much needed upkeep for poles, lines and cab: cables:"there is no good time...we have to reinvest"but on a street where each dollar is earned... earned... folks here say they rather put
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their dollars somewhere other b-g-e." they don't even do their job"janice park, fox45 news at ten. if the public service commission gives its stamp of approval, the rate hike will go into effect in february. its been a bloody 24-hours on the streets of baltimore.... officers have responded to four separate crime scenes...where at least two people have died... died... this was the scene in east baltimore late friday night where, poliie say, someone repeatedly shot 21-year old derian hampton.... he died on the scene near north caroline and preston streets. investigators still aren't clear on what sparked the shooting. the body of a partially clothed, un-identified man has turned up in downtown baltimore.... officers were called here to south charles street early this morning, where they found the victim suffering from "extreme trauma to his upper body," he died a few minutes later at shock trauma.....but the cause is still unknown. officers found clothing on the roof of a downtown hotel and are probing whether the victim either fell or jumped...
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a car crash in mount airy sends a state trooper to the hospital. the trooper was responding to a call thursday night when police say another driver steered into his lane...forcing the trooper off the road and into a fire hydrant. he was flown to shock trauma with a possible head injury. the crash is still under investigation. and police in howard county arrest a woman who appeared to be driving drunk when she hit an officer's patrol car early this morning... police say yolanda murchison jumped a curb ...slamming into the back of a police cruiser on washington blvd... murchinson was arrested at the scene.the officer was taken to a nearby hospital and at last word....was listed in stable condition. a 32-year-old beltsville man is charged with first degree murder after he shot an county police officer outside a hyatsville nightclub early this morning. the officer waa working as a security guard at the club when she threw ákelly gillissá and two other women out of the nightclub for disorderly conduct. thats when gillis
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and the women got into a white honda and drove slowly to the front of the club and began firing towards the officer. one bullet hit the officer in the leg...she is suffering non-life threatening injuries. gilliss is also charged with reckless endangerment and using a hhndgun in the commission of a crime. maryland attorney general doug gansler is asking a federal appeals court to delay a ruling that found the states gun permit law unconstitutional. under the current law... residents are required to provide what's called a "good and substantial reason" to carry a handgun. but a federal judge has decided.... a resident's árightá to bear arms... is the only reason, the attorney general's office wants to delay the ruling pending an appeal. more than 50 homes are without water this weekend after a 6-inch water main break ruptured inside the same pinkhole that led to a broken gas line in east baltimore. this was the scene wednesday when the city was forced to ccose 4 blocks from east monument to milton street.
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the sinkhole also forced several businesses and apartments to be without power for weeks.... the damage was caused by a storm drainculvert that acted like a washing machine under the road, swirling tons of water on when the road... will reopen. crews continue making progress on the broken downtown baltimore upside down.... the 20 inch main ruptured last week on light street near east lombard.....effecting travel and businesses......crews replaced some word on when repairs will be finished..... city police officers stepped out of their cruisers to deliver a different message to the people of east baltimore. ... they partnered with more than 3-hundred volunteers to give food and services to those who need them the most. they helped provide groceries, hair cuts, and health care to residents in what they're calling a 'day of hope'.... "there's still a good portion
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of the community that still think that police are one minded enforcement enforcement enforcement so its a pleasure watching myself and my guys get out in the street and letting them know there's another side we're humans too we're caring we're compassionat" compassionate." parents, who recently lost children to violence, were also honored at todays event... m and t bank stadium looked at little different today. for the third time in four years the football stadium was transformed into a soccer mecca. "people screaming" screaming"átottenhamá and áliverpoolá two of the top teams in england's premier league squared off.and while they weren't playing for any titles or cups in this preseason say they are just happy that the city of baltimore is welcoming the game of soccer. "oh my god this is the best idea since they've invented the wheel this is the best idea theyyve ever had." had." we'll have highlights from the game... and find out which team won bragging rights
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in charm city... coming up later on sports unlimited. 3 if you talk to the average sports fan...or even sports reporter outside this market... they immediately link the ravens with an aging defense. morgan adsit here now to show us that's not the case, morgan. in years past...yes, the ravens had an older defense. this off season they parted ways with vets jarret johnson and cory redding... and got baltimore gets linked with age on "d."thanks to ray lewis and in football terms they're old. lewis 37... entering his 17th season.reed 33... 11th season. but with the current 11 players running as starters... the ravens average age on defense is 27.take reed and lewis out of the equation it's 25..that's prime football age just past a rookie deal.the ravens have changed their ways on defense... yet, no ne's taking notice. 3 hear what anquan boldin has to say about
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flacco's contract situation... and a former raver retires. that's in about 40 in sports unlimited. 3 robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think it's a direct assault on our 2nd amendment rights." rights." gun owners fired up... how a u.n. treaty could impact who's allowed to own a firearm. a billboard comparing president obama to the colorado shooting suspect ... how it equates his foreign policy to the mass murder. criminals posing as police officers.... what tipped off the store owner... and the brazen way he fought them off.
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because it's not up to the special interests, gun owners are fired up tonight over an international arms treaty which, they believe, violates their second amendment rights. grace white shows us why the u-n agreement could have a big impact on 'who' is allowed to own a gun. gun. 3 3 shooting range nats nats the right to bear arms -- is something americans hold dear. so -- when the united nations started talking about an "arms trade treaty" -- gun owners got nervous. nervous.robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think it's a direct assault on our 2nd amendment ri" rights." but the united nations says the treaty will not regulate civilian possession. the u-n says the treaty will only deal with arms trade across borders. their goal is to make sure weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. jeffrey addicott -- professor of law at st. mary's university is not convinced. convinced.jeffrey addicott, st. mary's university: "the united nations has proposed a
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treaty that would essentially ban small arms or limit the ability of people to own and possess small arms." arms." it's the regulation of "small arms" jerry mccall -- the owner of the texas thunder range is worried abbut. about.jerry mcccll, texas thunder range: "this country was built on god and guns and that's our heritage." heritage."patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the presence of weapons has always meant to us that people end up " dead." patricia castillo supports the treaty talks. she's an advocate for victims of domestic violence. without checks and balances -- castillo says weapons can do more harm than good. good.patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the colorado shooting is a prime example of this freedom to have access to weapons gone completely array." array." even if president obama signs the treaty -- the senate would have to vote before it becomes law. law.shooting range nats nats gun owners fear it's a more likely scenario than some . think.robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think that becaase of the movie theater shooting that just happened, i really think that publicity might get a hold of them, then we might be able to sway a few senators
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to ratify this thing and that's scary." 3 family and friends of the colorado shooting victims remembered their loved one's today. as melisa raney reports, we're learning more about the suspect as funeral services are held for three of the 12 vi. victims.: funeral services were held in three states saturday for victims of the aurora theater shooting, last week. family and friends gathered in ohio to honor matt mcquinn who died while shielding his girlfriend from gunfire. greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends. another victim, jessica ghawi was remembered in texas. her brother encouraged family and friends to turn the tragedy into something positive. if this coward could've done this with this much hate, imagine what we can do with this much love. ghawi - a 24-year-old aspiringgsports broadcaster - had narrowly escaped a
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shooting incident at a toronto mall less than two months before her tragic death. if you're putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you don't know how long you have here. a private service was held in crystal lake, illinois for john larimer. the 27-year-old navy petty officer received full military honors. a court document filed friday showed james holmes - the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more inside the movie theater - was a patient of a university of colorado psychiatrist before the july 20th massacre. holmes is expected to be formally charged on monday. i'm melisa raney reporting. meanwhile, a billboard in idaho is comparing president obama to the accused colorado killer james to a photo of holmes, the billboard reads "kills 12 in a movie theater, everyone freaks out." on the president's photo, it reads, "kills thousands with foreign policy, wins nobel peace prize." the ralph smeed foundation owns the advertisement and says it
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wants to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas. a new movie that contains a violent shoot-out at a theater will not be released this fall. that decision comes directly from the movie massacre fallout. fallout.warner brothers announced it will postpone the release of the movie ágangster squadá. it was originally set to hit theaters in september but will be released early next year. the movie contains a scene thaa shows gangsters shooting automatic weapons into a crowded movie theater. today reverend jesse jackson met with some of the shooting victims...calling for a ban on assault weapons. "easy access to semi-automatic weapons and difficult access to jobs is a cocktail for disaster. we'll make an appeal. // a simple proposition: revive the ban on assault weapons." weapons."the trailer for the film was already pulled after the aurora shooting massacre. police say a pennsylvania
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man was upset over custody arrangements when he pulled a gun on his estranged wife's fam. family.police say 35-year-old kevin cleeves shot and killed his estranged wife, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's mother. and then kidnapped his four year old daughter...from their quincy township home. officers later found cleeves and his daughter at a hotel in ohio.... the little girl was not harmed. four men attempt to rob a tampa jewelry store... posing as police officers. officers.surveillance video shows the suspects wearing shirts and hats with police written on them... they even had badges and police lights on their car.but when the suspects pulled a gun, the store owner realized they were impostors.he pulled his own weapon...and they exchanged gunfire.... as the robbers took off. suarez says "they came in, grabbing guns out. as soon as they walked inside, he started grabbing his gun."///butt to/// augelllo says" we have spent a lot of years building trust with the community building a working relationship, the last tithing we want is somebody coming in pretending to be us and now we're going backwards." backwards." the impostors got away empty handed. the
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store owner wasn't hit by any bullets, but it looks like one of the suspects may have been. a bizarre crime at a pet store in new york. one of their most expensive dogs was stolen...and in an unusual way. take a look here... this thief isn't fixing his pants...he's actually stuffing a one pound...nine week old ápomeranian dogá down there . surveillance video shows one guy distracting the store clerk while the other guy gets away with the dog. the store is offering 5-hundred dollars to anyone who can find the pooch. 3 those summer storms are turning up this weekend.... weekend.... lets hope the summer sun isn't far behind. behind. meteorologist tony pagnotti joins us with a look at your skywatch forecast, tony... tony... 3
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you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available aa foxbaltimore dot com.
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use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar 3 another major city says 'no thanks' to chick fil-a after its owner takes a stand against gay marriage. he had people in the sanctuary that were pitching a fit about us being a black couple couple a couple banned from getting married at their church.... why they say it's because of their race. the issue of same sex marriage
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is at the heart of a political debate but now, its influencing personal decisions like where you eat and shop.... tonight's cover story, mary snow explains how both sides of the controversy are digging in their heels. heels. the grand opening of a
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chick-fil-a restaurant in laguna hills, california, was met with protest -- gay rights supporters calling for boycotts after the president of the chicken restaurant chain said he opposed same sex marriage. "those kind of messages and that kind of rhetoric is very very hurtful to our families." chicago is the latest city to yank the welcome mat. "chick-fil-a's values are not chicago values. they are not respectful of our residents, our neighbors, and our family members." mayor rahm emanuel echoed sentiments of a city official who'd threatened to block construction of a chick-fil-a restaurant. the chain has become a lightning rod for controversy after its president, dan cathy, made it clear he believes marriage should only be between a man and a woman. "i think we are inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, 'we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage." chick-fil-a says the company has always applied quote biblically-based principles and it is closed on sundays.
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it declined to comment on vows to block their restaurants, saying in a statement: the chick-fil-a culture and service trrdition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation, and gender. but boston's mayor isn't sold, repeating his message to the chain to stay away. "i don't want an individual who will continue to advocate against people's rights. that's who i am, and that's what boston's all about." but can politicians block businesses because of the words of a company president? lawyers say they have no legal ground to stand on. one christian radio host calls it disturbing. "it seems to me these are bullying tactics. diversity is celebrated, provided that you are towing the line of the radical left." also supporting the restaurant chain is former presidential candidate rick santorum and fellow republican mike huckabee who is calling
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for a chick-fil-a appreciation day next week. on the other side, some gay rights advocates are organizing a national kiss-in to protest chick-fil-a. mary snow, cnn, new york. the founder of amazon is also taking a very public position. c-e-o jeff bezos is donating two-and a half-million-dollars to washington united for marriage-- the coalition thats working to uphold that states same-sex marriage law. it's believed to be the largest individual gift to those fighting for same sex marriage. the date was set.....invitations were printed and mailed.....but the day before wedding bells were to ring for a mississippi couple......the church turned them away.....and they was all because of race.... charles and teandrea wilson..... were trying to get married at the predominantly white first baptist church of crystal springs..... a church they attended regularly but are not members of ...... the pastor of the church says he was taken by surprise by what he calls a small minority
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against the black marriage at the church....//take sot// 3 "this had never been done here before so it was setting a new precedent and there wre those who reacted to that because of . that...i blame the first baptist church of crystal springs...i blame those members who know and call themselves christians and didn't stand up... up... weatherford performed the wedding at a nearby church.... meantime church officials say they welcome any race into their congregation...but will hold internal meetings on how to move forward should this situation reoccur. 3 a gruesome find for some ranchers in south texas. why dead bodies are turning up on their land. oh look at this one. one. a couple's front yard... vanishing before their eyes. why they can't stop it... and the reason their lives could be at risk. 3
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you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at foxbaltimore dot com. use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar several dead bodies are
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turning up on ranches in south texas.... as casey stegall shows us, its a problem officers are struggling to prevent. 3 for years, ranchers across the u-s mexico border have shared concern about illegal activity happening on their land. we're talking about humans, weapons and drugs being smuggled across their private property. but now some say that they are seeing a gruesome twist. illegal immigrants dying on their property -- as they make the trek across the hot and rugged terrain. down in south texas, brooks county, 64 turned up last year -- officials say they're on track to go past a-hundred this year. the sheriff's department there only has a nine deputies, responsible for patrolling an area nearly two times the size of los angeles. martinez says: "it's quite a task. it is quite challenging. every day is a new challenge." officials estimate the cost at 15-hundred-dollars per investigation, for a
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department that has a átotalá operating budget of 484-thousand-dollar for the entire year. and residents are also worried this is taking law enforcement away from protecting them. vickers says: "the real emergency could be somebody with a large group of illegal aliens wanting to break in and that's a common occurrence, almost a daily occurrence." this is not just a texas problem. when you look at statistics from the department of homeland security, this is a trend being experienced in all four southwest border states. in the dallas beruea casey stagell, fox news. we're learning more tonight about the anne arundel county man who police say was planning a mass shooting similar to the one in colorado. myranda stephens has been digging into his past and shows us what his former neighbors are saying, myranda.... those who knew neil prescott and his family when they were living in catonsville - describe them as the perfect neighbors. which is why they were stunned... to learn what police say he had planned.
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3 28-year-old neil prescott was taken into custody friday morning. police say he was on the brink of being fired... when he threatened to kill his boss and former co-workers at pitney bowes in prince george'sscounty.investigators say prescott called himself the joker - and wanted to carry out a mass shootings similar to the one in colorado. kenneth and nagat jackson knew prescott when he was a teenager living with his parents and older sister at this home in catonsville. they say he attended catholic school and was very quiet... and had a love for computers. 24:35 i was shocked. i was really really shocked i said (gasps) oneil? no! he said yes, honey , our oneil he said yes 43 the jacksons says the allegations against prescott are also shocking considering his sister is a police officer in p-g county. police say prescott is currently under observation... and could be in the hospital for a week. they don't expect to file charges
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against him... while he's being treated. myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. a fire at a recycling plant has forced many residents out of their homes. take a look at this.... thick smoke can be seen for miles after a recycling plant caught fire in northwest georgia. its taken more than a hundred firefighters to battle the flames . the fire began friday but crews were still on the scene today. officials aren't sure what started the blaze. a couple in washington state has spent this week watching their front yard disappear. roy and rosalee ballinger says a geyser spewed 25 to 30-feet....causing a huge chunk of their yard to slide down a cliff. where there once was a 5- hundred-year-old tree, there's now a 50-foot hole. "we cry and we laugh...and that's all we can do. it's devastating, absolutely devastating."//but too//"i don't know anyway to stop it. i think that it was god that started it and god will have to stop it." it." the couple doesnt think the erosion will
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destroy the home... but there is concern that a valve to an underground propane tank could erupt. 3 congress running out of time to prevent a taxmageddon.... why it could be the biggest hike in us history... and who would be hit the hardest.
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añ congress is running out of
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time to prevent an enormous tax increase. as jeff barnd reports, lawmakers must act soon or most taxpayers will see and feel the weight of what's known as taxmageddon. taxmageddon. [everything is in thursday hd bin titled "a flood of taxmageddon" -- export as: wbffófloodóofótaxmageddonn[cnn good manufacturing video on in-29we ][video starting at about :47 on monster mageddon] think of taxmageddon as a multiple-headed beast. if congress sets it free -- taxmageddon will devour more, lots more of your hard earned dollars. william beach heads up the center for data analysis at the heritage foundation.[sot william beach interview]sot in 50:56 "we've got a situation in washington, right now which is a crisis." trt=:05the crisis, beach speaks of, is a looming tax increase -- among the largest in history -- as much as 600 billion dollars. it will hit all of us -- not equally of course. but, for the majority of households, it has the makings of a tax burden beyond compare -- if congress fails to act.[money shots] take a family of four -- with an annual income of just over 70 thousand dollars.[take
10:41 pm
graphic] righh now that family would write a check for 2 thousand dollars to uncle sam by april . set taxmageddon loose and the bill in 2013 soars to over six thousand dollars or a five percent plus increase.[sot beach]in 46:45 "500 dollars a month less in the average budget, where's that going to come from. it's going to come from something that you are now doing that you have to cancel." trt=:07retiree's will take a hit and recent college graduates, well they are already feeling the wind of taxmageddon. businesses are not willing to fill jobs and interest to purchase big ticket machinery or technology is on the wane.[beach interview]sot in 45:18 "you can't have a tax increase and have a growing economy at least to this size."trt=:03the dna that could give taxmaggedon life is the so called "bush era tax cuts" and the payroll tax holiday -- both set to expire by year's end. beach has zero confidence congress will reach a deal after the presidential election, and before then [sot beach]in 50:43 "this is a group of people that have punted every one of their
10:42 pm
responsibilities down the road. there is not a single duty that they have shirked in the last three years. they have not passed any bills of substance -- i'm talking republicans and democrats, they are all losers."trt:13i'm jeff barnd reporting. beach says the solution is for the american public to pressure congress to act. 3 you know what they say, the only things certain in life are death...... death...... ....and taxes..... and if uncle sam gets his way, even those who die could be slapped with a tax. tax. if congress fails to act by the end of the year, then those who's estates are worth a million dollars or more....will be slapped with an estate tax.... and already, you can hear it from t. taxpayers..... ....."say what"........??? what"........??? 3 if congress doesn't act, those who's
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estates are worth more than a million dollars would be taxed 55-percent after they die. 3 a teen buys a hot dog stand to help his sick parents... but now the city is forcing him to shut it down why he's getting the last laugh. michael phelps goes for his first gold in london.. the in sports unlimited...
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a teenage entrepreneur is forced to shut down his hot dog stand. yeah well that didn't stop 13-year-old nathan duszynski from making money... another way. duszynski was selling franks in michigan...but according too a zoning trucks can't compete with restaurants so he had to close up shop. so duszynski decided to sell his ácartá instead. a packaging company heard about the teens trouble and bought the truck for á25-hundred dollarsá...that's a lot more than duszynski paid for it. managers say they were just very impressed with the young man. "just a real go-getter, and at that age that's unusual. it's unusual, i think, that they can relate to adults like he does and so he really caught our eye, so to speak." originally saved up thousands
10:49 pm
of dollars to buy the cart so he could pay for college and help his sick parents. the company plans to let nathan use the cart for special occasions, like a wedding he's already lined up. 3 3 michael phelps races for his first medal of the olympics... olympics... morgan adsit joins us now to tell us if the baltimore bullet added to his gold medal . count... coming up tonight on sports unl. unlimited... michael phelps in search of his 15th gold medal...his first race in london...the results next....orioles allowed 6 runs in the 9th last night...see how the birds responded in their big series with the a's....i go 1-on-1 with anquan the ravens are moving from a defensive team to an offensive one...and if he's over last year's loss to new england... sports unlimited starts right now... a shocking result in the opening night of the pool in london.not that ryan lochte won gold in the 400 i-m.that michael phelps did not place. place.